Friday, June 11, 2010

MADE inspired dress

At the beginning of the week Dana over at MADE posted the cutest dress that she made for her niece with the promise that the pattern would soon follow later this week. All week I have been thinking about that dress and how August needed a dress like that. I kept checking her blog every day hoping to see the pattern. Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore, I drafted my own pattern for something similar and stitched it up last night. Today Dana posted the pattern for her dress. If you haven't discovered her site yet, you must. She is pretty amazing and uber creative!

I need to embellish it still and I think I might cut this one off to make it more of a top. I made it to straight so it rides up a bit when Augie tries to walk. On the next one I will widen the bottom a bit. Thanks Dana for the inspiration and all the ideas!!!