Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween was a blast!

It's been a while since I last blogged. I've been dealing with some "fun" personal stuff but sunny days are ahead of us.

Halloween is always one of my favorite times of year. I absolutely love making this kids their costumes. This year Luke decided he wanted to dress up as my brother in his Navy uniform. So I didn't really make any of his costume, just sewed the patches on. For August we picked Olivia. And after a poll on Facebook we went with the classic storybook Olivia over the new tv show Olivia. I made every piece of her costume and I'm really proud of the way it came out!

Luke's school does a Halloween parade in the afternoon through the neighborhood and then they have their class parties. Unfortunately I didn't get a ton of pics because I was trying to keep August from running in the street. Ahhhh life with an independent 2 year old!

We moved recently and are loving our new neighborhood. Halloween in this place was so much fun! Almost every court was having a block party, there were bonfires and even a huge outside movie screen showing Halloween movies, kid friendly of course! Luke and August had a great time.
August was really unsure of the whole trick or treating thing but after about the second house when she realized they were giving her candy she was sold on the whole holiday!

They received an insane amount of candy and we didn't even do half of our neighborhood. Luke has decided he will choose a few pieces of candy and then he is going to donate the rest to Treats for the Troops. I think that is a great idea!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to the World Everett Vincente (and a giveaway to celebrate)

Last Friday my sister had her second baby. A beautiful little blonde haired boy named Everett Vincente! He is my one and only nephew and we're all totally in love with him!

August got to sneak into the hospital to meet her cousin for the first time. (Yes, I know, she wears that dress a lot!)

Ever's already had his first photo shoot with Cerissa Photography. I love this picture of his big sister giving him kisses.

I made both Averie and Everett hand embroidered onesies before they were born and my sister ended up using them for both of their newborn pictures.

Here's Averie in hers when she was just born. So to celebrate the birth of my nephew I'm giving one of these onesies away on my Facebook page. Just click here and comment on the picture to win.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Days

These summer days just seem to be running into each other. We are settled into a routine of park and pool every day and when I change it up Luke doesn't love it. It has been so sweltering hot though this week that we haven't made the trek to the sand park we usually go to. The mile and a half round trip walk is just too much for the kids in the 100+ degree heat. So this week we've changed up the park part of our excursions to go to the Crystal City Water Park in the mornings. It's not like a water park with slides and pools. More like a fountain park. But it's right down the street from us and the walk is mostly in the shade.
And bonus for Mama....we pass a Starbucks :) People let their kids play in the water of these fountains but I'm not too into that. Would you let your kids get in?
They do different events in the park, like morning meditation and Friday night wine parties. Also they have a few art installations that the kids love to look at.
You can walk to the top of the waterfall and there is the perfect shady spot for having a snack and watching for the ducks. There weren't any ducks there this day.
Such a lady when she eats! LOL

So what are they wearing.....
Shirt: Old Time Hockey Washington Capitals tee
Shorts: Hurley
Flip Flops: Rack Room Shoes
Wristband: Caps Fan Shop (yes, we know it's not hockey season)
Hat: Lucky Brand (It's actually mine and I've had it since before Luke was even born)

Dress: Made by me from the Lil Blue Boo T Patchwork Dress pattern
Shoes: Target

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My girl is 2!

Enjoying a pink Starbucks donut on her actual birthday

August had a birthday on Saturday! Yep, my baby isn't a baby anymore. Each birthday is always bittersweet for me, especially with Augie knowing that she is most likely my last babe. I don't want them to grow up anymore! If I could keep both of my kids as they are today I totally would.

When I saw my precious girl for the first time!

First Birthday Party
Photo: Cerissa Photography

Second Birthday Party
Photo: Cerissa Photography

I will do a birthday party post of all of the rainbow-y goodness once I have the pics ready!

First week of Summer Vacation

So this week was Luke's first week of summer vacation and we've settled into a routine that keeps us outside as much as possible.

In the morning we get up and have breakfast then get dressed. We take a nice walk to the sand park that's about0.7 miles from our apt.

August has finally gotten over her fear of sand!

After a few hours at the park we head back home for lunch. Augs goes down for a nap and Luke gets quiet time to play Legos or watch a movie. And I get quiet time to get some work done! Then when August wakes up we head to the pool. That's usually the highlight of his day! All of his friends are there and he can swim and play with them for hours.

Augie got a waterbaby from our sweet neighbors for her birthday.
(Birthday party post coming soon!)
Luke actually took a few minutes to play in the baby pool with his sis.

August has also gotten over her fear of water being poured on her head. I guess the incredible heat will do that to you!

The bathing beauty! She hated her rash guard and kept yanking at it so we just took it off. Don't worry she was coated head to toe and back again in sunscreen!

What they are wearing:
Shirt: Target (No surprise it's Star Wars)
Shorts: Puma from Marshalls
Shoes: Yep, his favs AGAIN

Shirt: Carters romper I cut the bottom off of from last year
Shorts: Denim bubble shorts from the Children's Place
Shoes: Converse
Rash Guard: Absorba from TJ Maxx

Saturday, June 25, 2011

First Day of Summer

We celebrated the first day of summer by going to the farmer's market and then hitting the pool after Luke got home from school.

Lukie Boy of course had to ride his scooter

Then stopped for a snack of berries and cider.
Some days they are so good and share with each other without complaint.

PS Augie's dress is the one I made for her to wear for her rainbow birthday party on Sunday. I wasn't totally in love with it but I think it's grown on me

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Siblings

Lucas is the greatest big brother. He is so protective of his sister. And such an amazing helper for me!

He gets his feelings a little hurt when she won't give him kisses and hugs. Poor guy, August is definitely in a Terrible (almost) 2 stage and everything is "No!" Any time he gets near she pushes him away. He calls her Braticus Maximus. LOL

But we know she still loves her big bro! She's always trying to copy him and do the things that he does. They really do get along so well and love each other so much! I hope they stay best friends always.

On August:
Romper: Made by me from the The Maliboo Romper pattern from Lil Blue Boo
Shoes: Toms
On Lucas:
Tee: Lego Star Wars Tee from Target a while back

Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: The trusty green Converse

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Weekend style

Sadly most of my Small Style posts are about August because I never remember to take pics of Luke before school and by the time he gets home he is usually a disaster. I swear he wears clothes everyday :) I will try to get better.

Saturday was the opening of our pool. Luke went to hockey and to the Strawberry Festival with his dad so August and I had a Girls Day by the pool.
On August:
Swimsuit: Calypso for Target

All weekend long Rolling Thunder was in town and the main hotel they stay at is a block from our apartment. August was totally enamored with all of the bikes and every time she'd see a pack of them she'd get so excited and yell "Go! Go!" So on Sunday for the big ride she got decked out in her Harley gear and if it hadn't been so hot she would've been wearing her Frye motorcycle boots too. Needless to say she got a lot of attention!
On August:
Tunic: Made by me 3 Little Birds Stitch Co
Leggings: Old Navy

On Monday we played at the park...again....and went to the pool....again. We got to hang out with Luke and Augie's BFF Maya too! The kids had such a great time. I know August has worn this dress before for Small Style but Maya like them to match and so the fact that their dresses are the same style was good enough for her!
On August:
Dress: Made by me 3 Little Birds Stitch Co
Shoes: Target
On Maya:
Made by me 3 Little Birds Stitch Co
Flip flops: Calypso for Target
Hat: Paul Frank
On Luke:
Tee: Lucky Brand (from back when they used to do kids clothes)
Shorts: Hurley (picked up at Costco of all places)
Shoes: The infamous Converse!
Hat: Sailor Hat given to him by my brother

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I want to win an iPad 2, you should enter too!

Erin over at Design for Mankind is having a giveaway for an iPad 2 sponsored by Merida Home! An iPad 2 people! I want one so bad. So go and enter! And if you don't want it and you win you can send it to me!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dinner with MiMi and PopPop

Last night we had dinner with my parents who are in town from CO. My mom is actually here for the whole summer helping my sister out with my niece while waiting for the arrival of my nephew. And my dad came for just a few days for work.

We went to the Ted's Montana Grill that is below our building. Love that we have great restaurants that are so easy to walk to. The food was so delicious. August went nuts for the pickles that they bring out before your meal. She is totally my kid! I have to figure out how to make those. The wiki sticks they give the kids kept everyone entertained. Luke loves playing with those things. (That reminds me I should check his pockets before I do the laundry. Wiki Sticks in the dryer are never good)
August and MiMi

Luke and PopPop

Is she not the coolest? LOL

On August:
Dress: Made by me: 3 Little Birds Stitch Co
T-shirt: Splendid Littles
Shoes: Target. Were bought for my niece and she outgrew them after wearing them twice.
Hairclip: Lillianna Marie Designs
Sunglasses: Target dollar bins back in February

On Luke:
Tee: Hockey shirt my mom found for him
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Converse from the GapKids