Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lazy Days

These summer days just seem to be running into each other. We are settled into a routine of park and pool every day and when I change it up Luke doesn't love it. It has been so sweltering hot though this week that we haven't made the trek to the sand park we usually go to. The mile and a half round trip walk is just too much for the kids in the 100+ degree heat. So this week we've changed up the park part of our excursions to go to the Crystal City Water Park in the mornings. It's not like a water park with slides and pools. More like a fountain park. But it's right down the street from us and the walk is mostly in the shade.
And bonus for Mama....we pass a Starbucks :) People let their kids play in the water of these fountains but I'm not too into that. Would you let your kids get in?
They do different events in the park, like morning meditation and Friday night wine parties. Also they have a few art installations that the kids love to look at.
You can walk to the top of the waterfall and there is the perfect shady spot for having a snack and watching for the ducks. There weren't any ducks there this day.
Such a lady when she eats! LOL

So what are they wearing.....
Shirt: Old Time Hockey Washington Capitals tee
Shorts: Hurley
Flip Flops: Rack Room Shoes
Wristband: Caps Fan Shop (yes, we know it's not hockey season)
Hat: Lucky Brand (It's actually mine and I've had it since before Luke was even born)

Dress: Made by me from the Lil Blue Boo T Patchwork Dress pattern
Shoes: Target

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