Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mama's Handme Down

My mom wasn't really one to hold on to a lot of our childhood things. We were a military family and we moved a lot so my mom was really good at purging all of the unnecessary. But she did hold on to special things for us to have later on.

One of them was this dress. My MawMaw Anna made it for me when I was a baby. My sister and I both wore it. And now our girls can wear it. I love the fabric of this dress, I love the snap straps. I'm gonna try to knock it off and make her a few more like it because it's perfect for throwing on when it's warm out. Also it looks great over a tee.

Luke had hockey practice that night and it gets cold in there so she wore a sweater over it. This girl is so darn skinny, the sweater is a 6month one that she's been wearing for a year and a half!!

On August:
Dress: Vintage handmade
Shoes: Toms-Silver Sparkles
Purse: Olivia tote from Barnes and Noble

On Luke:
Tee: South of the Border
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Converse from the GapKids

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