Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For me??

Disclaimer: Please ignore the lack of makeup, bad hair, wrinkles (mine and the shirt's) and the odd picture taken by my 7 year old.

I finally got around to making something for myself. I'm totally a sweatshirt girl but I want to still look kind of decent and not like the frump-a-lump mom at the bus stop. So when I got a whole ton of this blue french terry in a bagful of knit fabrics from a fellow freecycler I knew I had to come up with something for me. I threw this together. It has dolman sleeves and a boatneck. I also added the stars with reverse applique. It is so incredibly comfy and I surprisingly got a few compliments when I wore it out the other day. Definitely more to come!


  1. That's a cute sweater. I love the stars applique.

  2. How cute! Thanks for linking!

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