Thursday, June 30, 2011

First week of Summer Vacation

So this week was Luke's first week of summer vacation and we've settled into a routine that keeps us outside as much as possible.

In the morning we get up and have breakfast then get dressed. We take a nice walk to the sand park that's about0.7 miles from our apt.

August has finally gotten over her fear of sand!

After a few hours at the park we head back home for lunch. Augs goes down for a nap and Luke gets quiet time to play Legos or watch a movie. And I get quiet time to get some work done! Then when August wakes up we head to the pool. That's usually the highlight of his day! All of his friends are there and he can swim and play with them for hours.

Augie got a waterbaby from our sweet neighbors for her birthday.
(Birthday party post coming soon!)
Luke actually took a few minutes to play in the baby pool with his sis.

August has also gotten over her fear of water being poured on her head. I guess the incredible heat will do that to you!

The bathing beauty! She hated her rash guard and kept yanking at it so we just took it off. Don't worry she was coated head to toe and back again in sunscreen!

What they are wearing:
Shirt: Target (No surprise it's Star Wars)
Shorts: Puma from Marshalls
Shoes: Yep, his favs AGAIN

Shirt: Carters romper I cut the bottom off of from last year
Shorts: Denim bubble shorts from the Children's Place
Shoes: Converse
Rash Guard: Absorba from TJ Maxx