Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Weekend style

Sadly most of my Small Style posts are about August because I never remember to take pics of Luke before school and by the time he gets home he is usually a disaster. I swear he wears clothes everyday :) I will try to get better.

Saturday was the opening of our pool. Luke went to hockey and to the Strawberry Festival with his dad so August and I had a Girls Day by the pool.
On August:
Swimsuit: Calypso for Target

All weekend long Rolling Thunder was in town and the main hotel they stay at is a block from our apartment. August was totally enamored with all of the bikes and every time she'd see a pack of them she'd get so excited and yell "Go! Go!" So on Sunday for the big ride she got decked out in her Harley gear and if it hadn't been so hot she would've been wearing her Frye motorcycle boots too. Needless to say she got a lot of attention!
On August:
Tunic: Made by me 3 Little Birds Stitch Co
Leggings: Old Navy

On Monday we played at the park...again....and went to the pool....again. We got to hang out with Luke and Augie's BFF Maya too! The kids had such a great time. I know August has worn this dress before for Small Style but Maya like them to match and so the fact that their dresses are the same style was good enough for her!
On August:
Dress: Made by me 3 Little Birds Stitch Co
Shoes: Target
On Maya:
Made by me 3 Little Birds Stitch Co
Flip flops: Calypso for Target
Hat: Paul Frank
On Luke:
Tee: Lucky Brand (from back when they used to do kids clothes)
Shorts: Hurley (picked up at Costco of all places)
Shoes: The infamous Converse!
Hat: Sailor Hat given to him by my brother


  1. So cute! I must check out your shop!!


  2. August is stinkin adorable!! Love the Genius dress you made.

  3. That suit is awesome!!! Off to check out your shop...

  4. Those dresses are so pretty! All of the pictures are adorable. August is such a doll and Luke such a little man! I agree with the other to check out your shop. Thanks so much for participating in Small Style! :)

  5. Love her swimsuit! I saw some of Calypso's stuff at Target the other day. The colors are Beautiful! Your son't hat is SO cute!