Thursday, May 12, 2011

KCWC Day 3

So we all know that I'm a total Lil Blue Boo junky. After my fight on day 1 and 2 with the wovens I had to go back on day 3 to something I knew I could whip out without having to tear out seams and getting totally frustrated.

The sienna pattern is my go to and quite honestly it's one of the only things August will wear anymore. She refuses to wear most pants and shorts and then half of her dresses she tries to rip off. Ugh! The 2 year old independence is brewing. So on the agenda for today's sewing is more LBB dresses.
My mom sent this t-shirt for Augie because of her horse obsession. And I just did a real quick version with the same fabric for sleeves and the bottom ruffle.

If you love Ashley from LBB like I do then you'll be excited to know that she is offering a free pattern today over for Grosgrain's Free Pattern Month. It's the most adorable bustle back skirt. I think I'll try to make one for Augie in hopes that she'll wear it!


  1. Great dress! I have three of these cut out for my daughter - she's 2 as well - but I'm terrified of sewing with knits as I've never done it before! Yours turned out great! I'm glad to hear it's the only thing your daughter will wear, I'm hoping for the same with mine too as I think they're just adorable!

  2. This is just adorable (and an adorable family, too!) Very creative