Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Block 2....I'm not in love

One of August's many nicknames is Littles. She is Littles and Luke is Bigs. I think it's so cute so I wanted to add it in one of my squares but to tell you the truth I am not really loving this square. I kind of want to rip it out and try again but I am afraid of what that would do to the fabric. Any thoughts?


  1. Leave it for now and see if you feel the same way about it after the sampler fills in...I bet you'll soften to it.

    I love how it's coming together...so sweet!

  2. I really like it - I think you should keep it!


  3. I like it -- and I am LOVING the teapot drawn in below - looking forward to seeing that!

  4. Don't rip it out! It's adorable;)