Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you read the book before seeing the movie?

Luke and I finally finished reading The Lightning Thief tonight. Luke has really been into Greek mythology since last year so last summer the girl in the bookstore was telling us about this series so we picked it up. No it didn't take us 9 months to read it. We started it then we moved and got all discombobulated and didn't pick the book back up until last month. We had to start over at the beginning since it had been so long since we started reading it. It is well worth it. We read a chapter or two every night and it was really hard to put it down.

We didn't know that they were releasing this as a movie when we bought the book. I am a firm believer in always reading the book before watching the movie. Is anybody else like that? Now we both want to see the movie, I'll have to line up a babysitter. Oh, and I am gonna have to go buy book 2 tomorrow. We are both dying to know what happens next!

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  1. i'm with you, i always want to read the book first you get more details that way