Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Second Annual $5 Challenge

I didn't participate last year in Living with Lindsay's $5 Challenge but it sounded like fun so I decided to give it a shot. Here is what I came up with:

A magnetic photo holder and a hair bow holder. Now that Augie has enough hair her collection of hair clips has grown and we needed a place to store them. I made both of the these for $3 plus whatever the tax was. Each tray was a buck and a package of 8 magnets was a buck.

The How To
(I apologize for how lame this is. Clearly I need to work on my tutorial writing skills)

You can see how lovely and shiny the trays are and that I bought 3 but only got around to making 2. Give them a couple coats of spray paint. I used Rust-oleum American Accents in Heirloom White.

Make a paper pattern for the center of your tray to use when you cut out the fabric or scrapbook paper. For the oval tray I just used a scrap piece of paper and pushed it down into the recess and then traced it with a pencil. Not an exact science. For the circular tray I found a plate that fit inside of the tray and traced that.

Cut out your fabric or paper. For the paper I used my scallop scissors. Check the fit inside of the tray before you glue it in.

Mod Podge those bad boys on. I put a generous amount of the Mod Podge on the tray and then put the fabric and paper on top and added more Mod Podge. Then when the coat dried, I Mod Podged some more. I wouldn't do it all sloppy like I did because it was a pain cleaning up the edges later.

And speaking of edges....Look how messy and frayed the edges of the fabric circle turned out. UGLY.

I glue gunned some vintage trim that I got from Freecycle around the edge and then used some of the ribbon and a button to cover the cut edges of the trim.

On the magnet for the picture holder I added a little dimensional scrapbook sticker that I had.

For the hairbows the metal of the clips just sticks right to the magnets.


  1. What a great project! Kove the colors. You are one crafty and creative gal. Happy Spring!

  2. Oh this project is adorable. What a great idea! Judi

  3. I just linked to these in the Mod Podge Rocks! Facebook group - these are awesome!

    By the way, August is my favorite kid's name.

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