Friday, March 5, 2010

Disappearing Ink???

Last night during Project Runway I finally got going on my piece for the Stitchalong. I decided to do 25 blocks since August was born on the 25th. It's the only number I could come up with that had some kind of meaning and made sense aesthetically. And yes, I wrote a list of different things I want to embroider in the boxes. I used a disappearing ink pen to draw out my grid and also to draw my first motif, a little bluebird.

I waited until this morning to take a picture so that I would have some sunlight. I decided to use a Q-tip and little water to get the "disappearing" ink off. And as soon as I touched the water to it the ink spread. Uh oh...

I added more water and it spread more and looked even worse...

In a total panic I took it to the sink and wet it down. It seems to be going away now but my grid is disappearing too :( I will try to take a picture of it later once it's all dry.

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